Inventory of three gram novels, you can't stop

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Inventory of three gram novels, you can't stop

In the hot summer, I would like to introduce some exciting novels to refresh your mind. "Mysterious Recovery"Plot synopsis: The story takes place in a world where a paranormal event is recovering on a massive scale. The protagonist Yang Jian embarked on the road of becoming a ghost rider because he obtained a roll of sheepskin. This world can only deal with ghosts by borrowing the power of ghosts, but the power of ghosts often means the risk of losing control, and we have to find a balance between utilization and prevention. Recommended reason: A very exciting novel with a complete setting. The description of ghosts is particularly prominent. All kinds of ghosts make the protagonist exhausted to deal with. Before it was over, it set off a wave of imitation. The results and popularity are quite good.

"Dao Wei Xian"

Introduction: Li Huowang's body and consciousness have always existed in two worlds. In one world, he was treated in a mental hospital. In another world, he designed to poison Dan Yangzi and led a group of brothers on their way home. The way of practice in this world is very strange, as if the world is crazy... Recommended reasons: 1. In the severe Cthulhu world, the description of the mental state of the mentally ill is very real, which makes people shudder. The protagonist's portrayal definitely has a profound impact on you. 2. Doujin Erchuang is very rich, and the related answers on Zhihu have exceeded one million views. There is a video of the protagonist's copper coin mask on Douyin. A variety of fanart emojis on the old Ford. All kinds of niche circles are satisfied, and they are basically out of the circle. The style is unique, and it becomes more and more exciting after reading more than 100 chapters. It is highly recommended to watch it. 3. After reading more than 100 chapters, the author introduces the setting of sitting and forgetting. This can be said to be a very bright setting in this book. Book friends spontaneously pretended to be forgetful and came to Amway to read this book, and I also got into the pit.

The Story of Longevity

: The protagonist Tao Qian travels to a world similar to the late Qing Dynasty. The imperial power weakened, warlords rose, and Western barbarians invaded with the cults of the gods. Disasters are everywhere, and demons are rampant. The protagonist starts with a revolutionary party who was escorted to Caishikou, using a strange exercise to escape the beheading. Cultivation in this world will pay a certain price, and if you cannot pay this price, you will gradually become alienated. And the protagonist's golden finger has a probability of escaping this price. Recommended reason: The pure oriental cultivation system is mixed with indescribable gynecological elements. Very dark worldview. Some seniors and masters will set up fishing exercises to lure juniors to practice and steal their fruits. Interesting, I recommend watching it.

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