I wonder if you have been encouraged by a novel? Moved?

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I wonder if you have been encouraged by a novel? Moved?

I don’t know if you have ever had such a moment in your life that you feel like you can’t hold on anymore. You have worked hard for a long time, but the result is... I have it too. It was in 2019. I encountered a low ebb in my life and my work was the same. There is no progress; love life is not smooth; I want to prepare for the exam, but I can't find time to read the materials... It is the attitude of the protagonist Rinto Chihara in this book "Absolute Idea" towards difficulties and challenges that infected me and rekindled The fighting spirit of life! At this point, I thank the author of the book Seawalker Why recommend this book?

First of all, the book is good.

This book tells the story of Qianyuan, the traveler, starting from the bottom three no screenwriters, relying on grasping again and again A chance, never give up, keep improving, and lead the team to the top of the story... To be honest, although the model is old, the description of the seabed and the arrangement of the plot make readers unable to stop and want to read it in one breath. For creating a high-quality drama, a good script is only the first step. How to deal with the relationship between team members and compete for budget with TV stations. Casting, marketing, and even music all have challenges. The path of the protagonist is by no means easy because of a good script idea. Whenever Chihara achieves some kind of success, the plot always puts it in a passive position and then needs to work hard to overcome it

Familiar with classic TV dramas gives people The intimacy

The following is a collection of drama posters that Qianyuan led the team to create together. How about there are dramas that are familiar to you? Those who like watching Japanese dramas and variety shows can easily substitute them into relevant scenarios

Of course, the most important thing is the spiritual value of this book

This book describes a lot of Japanese workplace practices and the situation of the production industry, which is very close to the real workplace environment Just because some rules exist for a long time doesn't mean it's reasonable. The Japanese workplace is as oppressive as the TV series Naoki Hansawa and Chihara is like a hero, born to break the rules, whether it's the early producer's peaches-picking behavior, or the later director of the show. compete. What I admire most is that Qianyuan strives to achieve the best work attitude, never giving up, never lowering his standards, treating others like this, and treating himself as well. I hope that readers can draw spiritual strength from it to support your current life.

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